To take our expertise to the next level and stimulate our creativity, we have had our entire team trained as colorists.

And that’s not all. Our team regularly attends internal and external training sessions to ensure we remain fresh and modern. Hairstyles are always the expression of a lifestyle, and the products we use embody the perfect harmony between science and nature. Beauty and well-being reflect our uniqueness, uniting our inner and outer selves like two sides of the same coin.

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Tinting | Coloring

We work with three color systems to ensure your color is individual, long-lasting and vibrant.

Long-lasting color for maximum coverage, using exclusive shielding technology to accentuate every shade, and hydrating and nourishing your hair during the treatment.

A gentle, ammonia-free, Abyssinian oil-based color for natural results, strengthening the hair structure with no need for touch-ups.

A transparent, ammonia-free color for glosses & toners made with yogurt extract, honey and marshmallow, all certified organic ingredients. A distinctively gentle formula to give your hair a silky and shiny finish.

For our men, we have the Men Grey Blending option, designed to seamlessly blend in gray hair for a natural result.

High- & Low-lights

We create the perfect highlight look for you.

Let us find out what suits you best – traditional subtle highlights, herringbone sectioning or single highlights. We combine technical skills with competent and comprehensive advice to create an individual style that’s unique to you.

Thanks to our glossings and toners, we can give your highlights the shade and finish you’re after.

Glossing | Toner

Improved condition, shine and unique results in a short space of time

Are you looking to refresh your hair color, or do you want a more vibrant color? Our glossings and toners will leave your hair shining and noticeably smoother.

We use a transparent, ammonia-free color made with yogurt extract, honey and marshmallow, all certified organic ingredients.

The distinctively gentle formula conditions as it colors, achieving both a radiant shine and silky smoothness.


Blond is a passion

We can create any shade of blond using our gentle hair colors and enlighteners. From a warm honey blond to a sandy beige blond or a cool platinum blond. Thanks to our broad variety of colors, we can cover the entire blond spectrum. There are no limits to our creativity. We can create whatever your heart desires and suits you.

Our glossing and toner give your blond hair the shade and finish you’re after.


The possibilities are endless!

Smooth transitions from dark to light. Results that last longer and give your hair a unique look. By combining foil and freehand techniques, our balayage can create a stunning high-contrast look or a deliberately natural look.

Are you interested in a creative coloring technique but don’t know exactly what you want? Then book a consultation with us to hear our suggestions. We charge 25 euros for 15 minutes and deduct this amount from the cost of the following appointment.


We have the right solution for you!

Is your hair discolored? Did you color it yourself or did something go wrong? Too green, too golden, too dark or too light? Did the lightening treatment go awry and give your hair a carrot or yellow hue? We will sit down with you and suggest how the color could be improved, how long it will take and what we envisage it costing.

Blumendetail Haar Couture Zollner

Color | Highlights | Tint

For color services with Stephan Zollner und Verena Podlesny will be a sucharge of 10 €.

Route Color from 58,–
Tint Short from 45,–
Glossing | Toner Short from 28,–
Highlights T-Section from 55,–
Highlights Full Head from 160,–
Color Balancing from 55,–
Bleaching from 80,–
Tint Medium from 60,–
Glossing | Toner Medium from 33,–
Highlights Half Head from 90,–
Balayage incl. Toner from 210,–
Men Grey Blending from 30,–
Intense Cleaning from 35,–
Tint Long from 70,–
Glossing| Toner Long from 38,–
Highlights Three Quarter Head from 110,–
Maria Nila Silver Shot Treatment from 10,–
YoCond Toning Conditioner from 10,–
Creative | Individual Color Technique Price on request


25 € – 15 Minuten
Der Betrag wird Ihnen beim anschließenden Termin angerechnet.


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10% Reduktion auf alle Preise bei Stylisten – Master Stylisten

10% Reduktion auf alle Preise bei Stylisten – Master Stylisten


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